Warwick District Council’s Marketing & Communications team is responsible for the promotion of services, campaigns, information, and events in order to inform the public, encourage take-up of services or consultations, change behaviours and enhance the reputation of the Council.

Photography and filming form an important role in this function.

Why we obtain imagery and video

We obtain photos and video footage for use in our promotion and marketing materials, including:

  • Print material (posters, flyers, leaflets)
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email communications

How we obtain imagery and video

Photography and video is often obtained as part of an organised photocall or interview. Participants will be required to sign the Council’s consent form which informs the Council where and how their image can be used.

Filming of events

If filming and photography is taking place at an event, clear signage is used to inform the public that filming and photography is taking place and that the designated officer is to be approached if they do not wish to be filmed.

Every effort is made to only capture video and/or photographs associated with the event or planned operation. If individuals are captured on camera and can be identified, then processes are in place to manage personal data in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.

It should be noted that in the public, there is usually no reasonable expectation of privacy, but we will always endeavour to ensure that any personal data which may be regarded as criminal, embarrassing or otherwise inappropriate for disclosure is not used for any of the purposes defined above.

Use of drones

The Council owns and operates a drone with an attached camera and this is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate in the A1 and A3 categories. Video footage and photographs are captured on a memory card on board the drone, and this footage is then transferred to the Council’s secure server before being deleted from the card.

Drone operations include:

  • Filming and photography at events
  • Filming and photography for promotional materials
  • Observing the progress of Warwick District Council projects i.e. Community Stadium, Newbold Comyn cycle trail construction

We understand that the use of drones has a higher impact on privacy, and as such we will carry out a Privacy Impact Assessment before performing any drone operations.

How we store your data

Photographs and video clips are stored on the Council’s secure servers alongside a signed copy of the consent form.

How long we will hold the data for

Photos and video footage that features individuals will be held for a maximum of six years after the recording is captured, unless this has been published in the public domain.