The Warwick District Council website was created and is maintained with accessibility in mind. We aim to reach conformance level AA from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The website is tested annually by the Digital Accessibility Centre. This means the site is tested by users with disabilities and has passed technical checks.

Site features

The following features are intended to make the site easy to use for all visitors.

Change colours and fonts

Adapt our website to suit your needs - using our site settings.

Or use the browser to change font size

In Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox go to Tools/Settings and select the + sign to Zoom and increase font size.


  • A-Z – Find pages quickly and easily using our A-Z index.
  • Site Map – This lists all the pages in each category of the website.
  • Search – The search appears on every page and allows you to search the whole site for specific information.
  • Consistency – The navigation is consistent across the whole site to make finding information easier.

Plain English

Plain English Internet crystal mark

We aim to use plain language and try to avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms. Text in some documents, such as committee reports, may contain more complex or technical language. The website is approved by the Plain English Campaign.


We provide a text alternative for all images on the website.

Opening and downloading Adobe Acrobat documents

Downloadable documents on the site are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Where we have attached a PDF document, we provide a link to the Adobe Acrobat website so that you can download the free Adobe Reader needed to open a PDF. Acrobat Reader now has improved accessibility features and includes the facility to read the text out loud. You can also download other free PDF readers.


Our website has been tested in a variety of browsers. Supported versions are largely dictated by usage but all content should be readable, usable and functional in the latest versions of Internet Explorer (10 and beyond), Firefox, Chrome and Safari. For browser types not included in this list, page content should still be readable; although in reality it is possible they will have the correct appearance and function. Decisions on supporting older versions of browsers will ultimately be decided by current usage and users may be encouraged to upgrade.

Known issues - maps

  • Whilst every effort has been made, it is not currently possible to make Geographic Information System (GIS maps) completely accessible to all users.
  • You can access a wide range of the information available in the GIS maps in text format within the My property pages.
  • If you require help with the interactive maps call our GIS team on 01926 456663
  • Individual pages may contain embedded third party maps in an iframe. The accessibility of these maps is beyond our control and there may be issues with keyboard access. We aim to provide relevant addresses in text format where these maps appear.


Our accessibility policy (64kb, PDF). The free viewer that is needed to display the pdf document can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.


We are continually working to maintain and improve levels of accessibility. If you experience problems with the site then please complete the feedback form and we will try to sort out the problem.