warwickdc.gov.uk provides information about services provided by Warwick District Council and links to services provided by Warwickshire County Council and many other organisations.

Finding information

There are many ways to find information on the website

  • You can go to the A-Z index from every page on the site by clicking A-Z along the top of the page. Select the initial letter of the service you require. Each A-Z page lists the services in alphabetical order.
  • A link to the Sitemap also appears on every page of the website. The sitemap lists all the pages in each category of the website.
  • The Search appears on every page and allows you to search the whole site for specific information.
  • The navigation on the left of every page is consistent across the whole site to make finding information easier. Links in the left hand navigation show the main sections of the site. Click on a section and all sub-sections will appear beneath it.
  • A ‘breadcrumb trail’ appears on every page (except the homepage) above the page title. E.g. Home > Leisure > Outdoor sports > Football pitches. This helps you to locate where you are in relation to the whole site. You can also click on any text in the breadcrumb trail to navigate.

Online forms

The online forms contain text fields, drop down menus and checkboxes. You should type responses to the questions in the blank boxes and select options from the drop down menus and checkboxes. Mandatory fields are identified as 'required'. You must provide a response in these fields in order to submit the form.

You can tab between fields, drop downs and checkboxes or use your mouse to navigate. Click the "Submit information" button to send the completed form to the council. Forms can be accessed from the main forms page.

Making payments

Payment can be made using any major debit or credit card except American Express or Diners club cards. Payments page

You will need to provide some personal details, details of the account you wish to make a payment for, plus your card details. Your transaction will take place within a secure payment system. This means that the transaction is encrypted. Please note is advisable to wait for the Payment Accepted screen to appear before pressing any buttons once you have pressed the Continue button on the Card Details page.

PDF files and Adobe Acrobat

Downloadable documents on the site are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Where we have attached a PDF document, we provide a link to the Adobe Acrobat website so that you can download the free Adobe Reader needed to open a PDF.

Bookmarking pages

You can bookmark pages so that you can find them quickly again in future. To bookmark a page in Internet Explorer select the Star icon in the top right and then Add to Favourites.

To bookmark a page in Firefox or Chrome select the Star icon in the address bar. Other browsers may require a different procedure. Use the browser's Help button to find out more.