Accessibility review 2022 by AbilityNet

This website was tested by AbilityNet using a light-touch accessibility review that aims to highlight the most critical accessibility issues and is based on the W3C WAI Easy Checks.

AbilityNet WCAG 2.1 AA headline review

An AbilityNet consultant will perform a headline review on 5 pages. This accessibility health check has 8 checkpoints, focusing on core accessibility. They include the following.

  • Alternative Text
  • Colour
  • Fields and Components
  • Keyboard
  • Layout
  • Moving and Multimedia Content
  • Skip Links
  • Structure

The checkpoints are completed on desktop using bookmarklets, extensions, and applications. Each checkpoint is scored using a traffic light system, Each page will be rated as red, amber, or green. When each page has been checked, an accessibility score will be calculated for each page.

Warwick District Council website review

Each reviewed  page is given a score, represented as a percentage:

Page Score
Warwick District Council homepage 86%
Change of address form - contact details 83%
Council tax 100%
Leamington car parks 86%
Rubbish, waste and recycling 92%
Average score 89%

Issues found

Issues found within the review have been added to our Accessibility statement.

Issue Details
Keyboard tabbing The keyboard focus is not logical within the tabbed interface. After activating a tab using keyboard, the focus does not move to the activated panel.
Image alternative text Decorative images that do not convey meaning or unique information have inappropriate/redundant text alternative. They should use an empty alt attribute
Form error message The “Change of address” form errors are not associated with their input fields using aria-describedby and id attributes
Visually styled header The "Incremental charges apply in these Leamington car parks" visually styled heading is not marked up as a heading
YouTube video transcripts YouTube video does not have transcripts
Page heading structure Parent and child headings are using the same level

Review document

Download the Warwick District Council - headline accessibility review.

Royal Spa Centre review

Download the Royal Spa Centre - headline accessibility review.

Royal Pump Rooms review

Download the Royal Pump Rooms - headline accessibility review.