Charges are applicable for new, additional, lost, stolen, old, dirty or damaged containers. 

Container  Charge 
Wheeled bin (grey and green) £33.35
Recycling box with lid £5.75
Lid only (for recycling box) £1.73
Recycling bag £2.88

There is also a delivery charge of £5.75 per order. 

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The charges cover the supply and delivery of the containers as well as administration costs. The containers remain the property of Warwick District Council. The charge does not pass ownership of the container to the resident.

There are no concessionary charges for containers.

You will need to pay the charge in full before we deliver your new or replacement containers. We cannot take part payment. Once your order has been confirmed it is not possible to add any extra items to the order - an additional order will need to be placed and an additional delivery charge will apply. 

Why the council has introduced charges 

The council spends approximately £165,000 each year on the provision of waste containers and this cost is increasing. Due to a significant reduction in central government funding the council can no longer afford to provide new or replacement containers entirely at its own cost. Section 93 of the Local Government Act 2003 (LGA) allows Councils to charge for discretionary services such as the provision of containers.  

Approximately 11% of the proportion of your council tax received by Warwick District Council goes towards the collection of your refuse and recycling. For a Band D property this works out at about 34p per week. This does not cover the cost of the actual containers. 

Missing, vandalised or stolen containers

It is your responsibility to make sure your bin is kept safe. We would advise that you check around your property or that your neighbour hasn't taken yours by mistake before requesting a new one. If you cannot find your bin you will have to purchase a replacement. 

To prevent loss or theft please put your house number/name on the containers. We advise you to put your containers out for collection first thing in the morning by 7am rather than the night before and to make sure they are taken in as soon as possible after collection.

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Damaged during collection 

If your container is damaged during collection to the extent that it is no longer usable, or falls into the back of the collection vehicle, then it will be replaced free of charge. This excludes any damage caused by overfilling the container, placing inappropriate items in it or reasonable wear and tear. The waste collection team will record the details of any such incidents and put a tag on the container or post it through your letterbox to let you know what has happened. A replacement container will be automatically ordered and delivered to you within 5 working days - there is no need to contact us. Please leave the container at the front of your property if damaged - we must remove it in order to deliver your free replacement. Please keep the tag until you have received your replacement container in case of any problems. 

Report a damaged waste container.


We aim to deliver containers within 5 working days. 

We will deliver them to your home address. Ideally we would like you to be home when we deliver the container so that you can sign for its receipt. However, we understand that this may not be possible so please tell us where we should leave the container or alternatively nominate a neighbour who we can deliver it to. When your container is delivered we will post a delivery note through your letterbox. 

The council cannot take responsibility for any containers that go missing after delivery has taken place.

Deliveries generally take place Monday to Friday between 7am and 3.30pm. 

The containers must be delivered by the council's waste collection contractor as it is not safe for residents to collect them from the storage site. 

Receiving a dirty container

All containers are stored outside on a grassed area and therefore may become dirty during wet weather. We aim to minimise this as much as possible but there may be times that containers are not completely clean upon delivery. The council is not able to exchange containers for this reason.  

If your original container turns up

If you find your container before we have delivered a replacement you must call 01926 456128 as soon as possible so that we can cancel your order and offer a refund. If you find your old container after the replacement has been delivered we will not be able to refund the delivery cost but may be able to refund the cost of the container once we have retrieved it from your property.

Number of containers

Households are permitted to have 1 grey wheeled bin for their non-recyclable waste. Households with 6 or more permanent residents or those with special medical conditions may be entitled to a larger or additional grey bin. 

Please do not order more grey bins than you are entitled to as they will not be delivered and refunds may not be provided. 

You can order up to 3 green wheeled bins, 5 recycling boxes and 5 recycling bags at any one time. 

Unable or unwilling to pay for containers

If you cannot pay for a container right now then unfortunately we will not be able to provide a container before payment has been received, and you will need to dispose of your waste legally in the interim. 

If you don't have safe and serviceable containers we will not collect your refuse and recycling. Damaged containers that are deemed too dangerous to empty by the council's waste collection contractor will not be collected. 

The council has a legal requirement under section 45 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 to collect household waste. Section 46 says that the local authority can define the kind of container to be used and require the occupier to pay for it. However, residents may prefer to dispose of their rubbish and recycling themselves.

You can use the Household Waste Recycling Centres at Princes Drive, Leamington Spa or Cherry Orchard, Kenilworth to dispose of your refuse, garden waste and/or recycling free of charge. Recycling can also be taken to one of the recycling sites across the district located at supermarkets and shopping precincts.

Using your own containers

We would encourage you to use Warwick District Council containers as they are made to a specific standard and are suitable for waste collection purposes.  

If you do decide to purchase your own containers they must meet the following specific criteria otherwise they won't be emptied. Unsuitable containers may not be compatible with the collection vehicle and could cause injury to staff.  

Grey bins for refuse

  • 180 litres
  • Dark grey colour
  • Compliant with BS EN 840-1:2012
  • Dimensions - 1100mm (height), 505mm (width) and 755mm (depth)

Green bins for garden/food waste

  • 240 litres
  • Dark green colour
  • Compliant with BS EN 840-1:2012
  • Dimensions - 1100mm (height), 580mm (width) and 740mm (depth)
NB: We will only empty your green bin if it contains the appropriate garden and food waste. If you put refuse in your green bin it will not be emptied. 

Recycling boxes and bags

  • No larger than 55 litres
  • Handles for safe and easy lifting and tipping 
  • Made from a strong sturdy material 

NB: We cannot accept liability for the loss or damage of any containers provided by the household. 

Plastic sacks

Your refuse and garden/food waste must be presented in a Warwick District Council wheeled bin or wheeled bin to the standard specified by the council.

The only exception is if you live in an area receiving a weekly collection of sacks for your refuse as your property is unable to accommodate wheeled bins or you live in a flat/apartment with communal refuse facilities. Check what type of collection you receive (enter your postcode to check the collection day and type).

Moving house 

If you move house within Warwick district or beyond, you should leave the waste containers where they are. Your waste containers remain the property of Warwick District Council at all times. 

If you have moved house and there are no containers at the new address, then please check what type of collection you receive (enter your postcode to check the collection day and type).

If you receive the grey and green wheeled bin and recycling box/bag service, you will need to order new containers and pay the charges as required.

If you have moved to accommodation rented from a private or social landlord, you should check your tenancy agreement to see if this states that containers will be provided.

If you have moved into a newly built property, it may be worth checking with the developer if they have made arrangements for your containers to be delivered free of charge.


Check what type of collection you receive (enter your postcode to check collection day and type).

If you receive the grey and green wheeled bin and recycling box/bag service you will need to order new containers and pay the charges as required. However, it is likely that you will have communal refuse and recycling bins which would be the responsibility of the landlord, managing agents or residents association to provide or replace. The standard size communal bin used in Warwick District is 1100litres in capacity, however some sites may have smaller 660litre bins. All bins should conform to BS EN 840 and we would normally advise the use of metal bins rather than plastic bins. For further advice on communal bins and bin suppliers, please contact 01926 456128.

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