Recycling design competition winners

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our recycling design competition, we received over 100 entries from schools and individuals across the District.

The winning entries can be seen below, with the designs soon to feature on the side of our recycling and refuse vehicles.

Congratulations to all the winners!


A drawing of a recycling truck, the Earth with a recycling symbol on it, people filling recycling bins, a dolphin and a tortoise


A drawing of a bin with a face on it and the recycling symbol, with the text: "Recycling! Thank you! Thank you for recycling."


A drawing of a rainbow and sunshine with four people filling a recycling bin


A drawing of recycling bins next to a landfill full of rubbish. The text reads: "Recycling is the way - think for a better tomorrow!"


Various colours on the background with the text: "Recycle for a better future"


A drawing of flowers, a rainbow and the Earth with the text: "Recycle it now! Do it today. Do you want your future to be green or grey?"

Heron Class, Evergreen School

The word 'recycle' drawn large and coloured in different colours


Drawings of a bird next to bins and someone putting the bins out and the text: "together we can recycle to save the world"


Various shapes coloured in different colours with the word "recycle" and the recycling symbol


A drawing of two globes with the sun next to them, and the text: "reuse, reduce, recycle"