We will support any voluntary groups who want to do a litter pick. Our support of community litter picks is not intended to supplement or replace any of our cleansing services, any work undertaken will be in partnership with local communities to further enhance their local area. It is important to note that some items and locations may not be suitable for a community litter pick and best left for us to collect. 

We are unable to support litter picks or collections of waste from private land, rivers, water margins or any land that is not owned by Warwick District Council or public highway. We are not a commercial waste carrier and are not licensed to collect and dispose of private/commercial waste.

Make a community litter pick enquiry.

Our commitment

We will support groups who wish to participate in a community litter pick and will assist them as much as possible, by:

  • Supplying litter picking equipment where available, this may include; litter pickers, gloves and bags for rubbish
  • Removing and disposing of any waste collected by the litter picking activities subject to the provenance of the rubbish collections

The litter picking group’s commitment

The litter picking group would commit to the following:

  • We are to be advised of the date and location of the litter pick at least two weeks before the litter pick is due to take place
  • All loan equipment needs to be booked in advance at least two weeks’ notice to avoid disappointment. The loan equipment is to be collected on a pre-arranged time and date from our Rangers office based at St Peters car park
  • All equipment is to be returned on a pre-arranged time and date as soon as possible after the litter pick has taken place. Failure to return equipment may prevent another community litter pick from taking place
  • The group must provide us with a comprehensive list of areas/locations that will be visited during the litter pick, ideally provide a map if possible
  • A location for where the rubbish is to be collected from is to be agreed with us in advance
  • Do not pick up needles/syringes/sharps/asbestos or any other dangerous items, contact us to advise of the location of these items and we will send a trained team out to collect these items
  • Make sure that the bagged litter is safe to handle and is all contained in tied bags, ensuring no loose litter
  • Place all bags together in the agreed pick up location ensuring they are not causing an obstruction to pedestrians or vehicles

What we will collect

We will only collect litter/waste that has been collected as part of the community litter pick.

What we won’t collect

We will not collect:

  • Litter or waste that is collected from privately owned land or property
  • Green waste, this includes hedge cuttings, tree branches, overgrowth cuttings

Other points to consider

  • We will collect the bags of litter from the agreed locations as soon as possible after the litter pick has taken place. There may be occasions when it is not possible to collect the bags on the arranged collection day but they will be collected as soon as possible after the event
  • We may not be able to collect the litter if the agreed time or pickup location is changed. We will try and arrange a collection as soon as possible after the litter pick takes place
  • We may not always have the resource available to accommodate more than one pick up location on a given day, as such, we request that you arrange only one pick up location for the litter pick
  • Items such as fridges, tyres, gas bottles, rubble/hardcore should not be picked up but reported as a fly-tip.
  • Please report any areas of concern spotted during the community litter pick. This may include things like overgrown vegetation or areas of public land that appear unkempt