Dumped rubbish

Our waste enforcement team will help to tackle fly-tipping, accumulated waste and bins on the highway. This includes making regular spot checks across the district.

Pay a fixed penalty notice (FPN)

Please pay your FPN using the relevant links below:


The number of fly-tipping cases in the district has risen from 2,032, in 2021 to 2,563, in 2022. 

Fly-tipping is illegal. You can now be fined £1000 on the spot, just for putting your black bin bag out on the wrong day. The maximum fine for serious fly tipping is £50,000.

You can report fly-tipping online.

Bins on the highway

All waste containers should be stored within the boundary of your property and presented at the kerbside no earlier than 7pm the night before collection. They should then be returned to your property within 24 hours of collection.

If you spot a property or business storing waste containers on the highway, please report this online by completing the below form.

Report accumulated waste or bins on the highway.

We want to support residents and businesses in the storage of waste. If you have any problems storing your containers off the highway, please contact us using the above form.

Accumulated waste

An accumulation of waste within the front boundary of your property is an offence. We can look to issue a community protection notice warning and if the waste is not cleared we will consider further action against you which may include the issue of a formal notice and a fixed penalty notice. 

If you spot an accumulation of waste at a property, please report this online by completing the below form.

Report accumulated waste or bins on the highway.