Request additional capacity

Additional bins can be ordered from our order new waste and recycling bins page. Wheeled bins are chargeable and only provided if the property is appropriate.

Large households

Households with 6 or more permanent residents may be entitled to a chargeable additional 140 litre grey bin.

Households with children in disposable nappies

Households with children using disposable nappies may be entitled to a larger or additional grey bin for a limited time period. 

Switching to washable nappies prevents over 4,000 nappies per child going to landfill and could be over £500 cheaper than using disposable nappies. 

Medical conditions

Residents who produce extra waste due to medical reasons (for example, incontinence waste) may be entitled to a larger or additional grey bin if they are struggling to fit it all in the standard size grey bin.

Legislation allows for any of the following types of waste to be disposed of in your grey bin:

  • Items used to dispose of urine, faeces and other bodily secretions or excretions, this includes used disposable bed pans or bed pan liners, incontinence pads, stoma bags and urine containers where there is NO risk of infection.

If the resident has an infection for which they are being treated (for example, with antibiotics) a clinical waste collection needs to be arranged.