Information for developers


Waste capacity and storage requirements - a guide for developers when putting together planning applications


We charge for waste containers for new properties and developments. The fees are as follows

Container  Charge 
Wheeled bin (grey and green) £25.00
Recycling box with lid £5.00
Lid only (for recycling box) £1.50
Recycling bag £2.50

Please note we charge a delivery fee of £5 per property.

Request a quote

Complete our enquiry form so that we can provide you with a quote for your waste containers.

Once we have received your enquiry

  1. We will contact you to confirm the number of properties and the number of containers required and to ensure that you are happy with this arrangement.
  2. We will raise an invoice for the full amount if you wish to order containers for the new properties as a job lot. We require a list of postal addresses together with a list of containers required per property in order to raise the invoice.
  3. If the new development includes properties with a communal bin store (e.g. apartments) then the standard grey/green bins may not be suitable. We will need to make arrangements for one of our team to visit the development with you and discuss the most appropriate containers.  
  4. We advise that once a resident has moved into the property that the order for that individual property is requested at that point directly by you. Please note that we will not issue individual invoices per property.
  5. No orders will be processed until our Finance Department have confirmed that the relevant invoice has been raised. Only then will we order a set of bins for any occupied properties.
  6. Our contractors will only deliver the containers to the properties once they are occupied and we aim to deliver containers within 5 working days of an order being placed.