Refuse and recycling – your responsibilities

As residents of Warwick district, however temporary, you still have a responsibility for your own waste. Find out your refuse and recycling collection dates below – just enter your postcode.


Most properties have a grey bin for refuse, which should only be used for non-recyclable waste. Put out your grey bins on your collection day and return to your property as soon as empty.

Please make sure all refuse is contained within the grey bin with the lid shut, as we won't collect any refuse left beside or on top of the bin.

Additional waste and bulky items that won't fit in your grey bin can be taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre.



Recycle using your blue-lidded bin. There is no limit on the amount of recycling you can present, as long as it is contained and presented properly. Visit our recycling  pages for more information.

If you have extra recycling, you may use additional red boxes (you do not have to sort the recycling contents) and place next to your blue-lidded recycling bin on collection day.  

Food waste

Your new food caddies will be collected weekly. Please check your calendar to see your collection day.

Visit our food waste page to find out what you can and cannot put in the food caddies.

Large/bulky items

We can collect items that are too large to fit into your grey bin if you are unable to take them to the tip (charges apply). 

Please visit our bulky waste collection page for more information.

Additional containers

If you feel that your property does not have adequate refuse and recycling facilities, please contact your landlord. Your landlord has a responsibility to provide adequate refuse and recycling storage. There are charges for additional and replacement containers

Leaving student accommodation for the summer

When you pack up to leave your student accommodation for the summer, you might be surprised at how much extra refuse and recycling you generate. It’s a good idea to start your clear out early and responsibly dispose of any unwanted items.

Please remember, you cannot leave refuse and recycling out on the street or build up an accumulation of waste next to your wheelie bin. Do not leave everything until your last refuse and recycling collections.

If there is a build-up of refuse and recycling left on your property, you or your landlord can be held liable and face possible enforcement action. Your landlord may make deductions from your deposit(s) or raise a charge where waste has been left behind.