Using your own containers

We would encourage you to use Warwick District Council containers as they are made to a specific standard and are suitable for waste collection purposes.  

If you do decide to purchase your own containers they must meet the following specific criteria otherwise they won't be emptied. Unsuitable containers may not be compatible with the collection vehicle and could cause injury to staff.  

Grey bins for refuse

  • 180 litres
  • Dark grey colour
  • Compliant with BS EN 840-1:2012
  • Dimensions - 1100mm (height), 505mm (width) and 755mm (depth)

Green bins for garden waste

  • 240 litres
  • Dark green colour
  • Compliant with BS EN 840-1:2012
  • Dimensions - 1100mm (height), 580mm (width) and 740mm (depth)

NB: We will only empty your green bin if it contains the appropriate garden waste and your bin has a permit attached. If you put refuse in your green bin, it will not be emptied. 

Caddies for food waste

Food waste will only be collected if presented in a 7-litre internal kitchen caddy, 10-litre internal kitchen caddy or 23-litre kerbside caddy provided by Warwick District Council.

Recycling bins

  • 240 litres
  • Dark grey colour with blue lid
  • Compliant with BS EN 840-1:2012
  • Dimensions - 1100mm (height), 580mm (width) and 740mm (depth)

Recycling boxes

  • No larger than 55 litres
  • Handles for safe and easy lifting and tipping 
  • Made from a strong, sturdy material 

NB: We cannot accept liability for the loss or damage to any containers provided by the household. 

Plastic sacks

Your refuse and garden/food waste must be presented in a Warwick District Council wheeled bin or wheeled bin to the standard specified by the council.

The only exception is if you live in an area receiving a weekly collection of sacks for your refuse as your property is unable to accommodate wheeled bins, or you live in a flat or apartment with communal refuse facilities. Check what type of collection you receive (enter your postcode to check the collection day and type).