Bin charges

Container Charge 
Wheeled bin: grey (refuse), green (garden, blue-lidded (recycling) £39.00
Recycling box with lid £6.50
Lid only (for recycling box) £2.00
Food caddy (kerbside) £10.00
Food caddy (kitchen) £5.00

The charges cover the supply and delivery of the containers, as well as administration costs. The containers remain the property of Warwick District Council. The charge does not pass ownership of the container to the resident. There are no concessionary charges for containers.

You will need to pay the charge in full before we deliver your new or replacement containers. We cannot take part payment. Once your order has been confirmed, it is not possible to add any extra items to the order.

Why the council has introduced charges

The council spends approximately £165,000 each year on the provision of waste containers and this cost is increasing. Due to a significant reduction in central government funding, the council can no longer afford to provide new or replacement containers entirely at its own cost. Section 93 of the Local Government Act 2003 (LGA) allows Councils to charge for discretionary services such as the provision of containers.  

Approximately 9% of the proportion of your council tax received by Warwick District Council goes towards the collection of your refuse and recycling. For a Band D property, this works out at about £11 per year. This does not cover the cost of the actual containers.