Love, Respect, Protect your local parks this summer. Images show various parks around the District

Love, Respect & Protect your parks this summer

Run in the grass, chase a butterfly, dance, jump and play games for hours. Our parks & open spaces are a great place for you and your family to make memories this summer.

We all share our beautiful parks and green spaces. They are wonderful places to picnic, to sit, to share a moment in time - not places to leave your rubbish behind!

Make memories, not mess - if you find a bin is full, please take it to another bin or take it home with you.

Please be kind and courteous and consider other users of the parks. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

Park Exercise Permit

Park exercise permits are temporarily suspended until further notice, due to a review of the Park Exercise Permit policy.

Park Life

Onside Coaching have created a number of different challenges in our local parks to help kids get and stay active.

Maps are available for Abbey Fields, St Nicholas Park and Victoria Park. Find the poster, scan the QR code and get exercising! 

Pump Room Gardens restoration project

In early 2018, work started on the Pump Room Gardens restoration project.

Parks photo gallery