Park Exercise Permits


Organisations that are use the District’s parks and open spaces, to provide group fitness activities, are required to apply for a permit from the Council.

This ensures that the parks and open spaces within Warwick District are accessible to everyone. Increasingly, businesses are choosing our parks and open spaces to host various activities, which is great, but does mean the activities need to be regulated and should, in some cases, be chargeable.

Please note that whilst a Park Exercise Permit gives your organisation permission to exercise in the parks and open spaces, it does not guarantee a specific location for each session. In particular, the football pitches should not be used for any exercise other than by the football clubs that have booked these out separately.

Where does the permit apply?

The following parks and open spaces are currently covered by this policy:

  • Abbey Fields
  • Castle Farm Recreation Ground
  • Harbury Lane Recreation Ground
  • Jephson Gardens
  • Mill Gardens 
  • Newbold Comyn
  • Priory Park
  • Pump Room Gardens
  • St Mary’s Lands
  • St Nicholas Park
  • Victoria Park

Who needs to apply?

Organisations that utilise any of the above parks and open spaces to conduct physical activity sessions will require a permit. Some organisations will be subject to paying a fee. These organisations include:

  • A company limited by guarantee
  • Sole traders
  • Self-employed coaches/trainers 
  • Any individual or company seeking to make commercial gain from the use of the above open spaces


If you or your organisation meets one of the following criteria, then you still need to apply for a permit but you will be exempt from charges and issued with a permit stating that the organisation is exempt from charges:

  • A registered charity
  • A fully constituted not for profit organisation where any surplus is reinvested directly into the organisation
  • School/educational establishment

The above list is not exhaustive, and we will consider each request for use of the parks on its merits.

Permit fees

The following prices apply to each designated Warwick District Council park and open space. Annual permits are available and should be paid as one payment at the beginning of the permit year. Monthly permits can be paid by Direct Debit. Numbers quoted in the table do not include the trainer or any staff member of the organisation. The fees are VAT exempt.

1-3 sessions per week

Group size Monthly Annual
Groups up to 5 £30.00 £310.00
Groups of 6 or more £86.25 £874.00

4 or more sessions per week

Group size Monthly Annual
Groups up to 5 £57.50 £586.50
Groups of 6 or more £142.75 £1449.00



Registered organisations

A list of organisations that have registered.

Park exercise permit policy

Park Exercise Permit policy (PDF)