Dogs are welcome in Warwick District Council's parks. Please be a responsible and considerate dog owner. Keep your dog under proper control, don't allow it to cause a nuisance to other visitors, and clean up after it.

Dog etiquette in Warwick district

With more and more dog owners in the district, please be mindful of how you handle your dog when there are other dogs around. Remember: not all dogs are friendly - some are nervous, some are just old.

  • Ensure your dog's recall is 100% before letting it off a lead
  • Make sure your dog is always within your sight
  • Do not allow your dog to run up to another dog on a lead - it's on a lead for a reason
  • Be prepared to warn parents and children if your dog doesn't like being stroked
  • If you see another dog you're not quite sure about, put your dog on its lead and walk the other way
  • Always be polite and courteous to other dog walkers

Dog Control Orders

There are a number of Dog Control Orders in force across the district that affect our parks. The main provisions of these are:

  • You must clear up your dog's mess. Bins are provided in many parks and waste wrapped in a plastic bag can be put in an ordinary litter bin. If there are no bins, take it home with you. It is not acceptable to put your dog's poo in a plastic bag and then leave it behind without putting it in a bin
  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Anyone authorised by the council has the power to require the dog be put on a lead if it is not under control
  • Dogs are not allowed into children's play areas or paddling pool areas
  • Dogs are not allowed on bowling greens, tennis courts, multi-use game areas or putting greens where dog exclusion signs are displayed
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead when visiting Jephson Gardens or any cemetery

In order to avoid disturbing wildlife, we also ask that dogs are kept on a lead when visiting any of our nature reserves.

Keep an eye open for signs telling you which provisions apply at the park or open space you are visiting.