Warwick District Council wants everyone using its parks to enjoy the facilities provided. With this in mind, byelaws have been drawn up regulating the behaviour of people using our parks.

The main provisions of the byelaws are that, unless authorised to do so by the council, a person must not:

  • Bring any vehicle into the park
  • Ride any bicycle or tricycle or similar machine
  • Allow any dog belonging to them or in their charge to remain in the park unless it is under proper control
  • Fail to clear up after any dog belonging to them or in their charge which fouls designated parts of the park
  • Drive, pitch or chip a hard golf ball except in any area set aside for the playing of golf, pitch and putt or putting
  • Ride any horse
  • Post any notice on any wall, fence or tree or on any other structure
  • Walk, run, stand, sit or lie on any flower bed, shrub or plant or on any ground in the course of preparation as a flower bed
  • Enter any ornamental lake, pond or stream or other water (except specially provided paddling pools), or pollute any such water
  • Use a power driven model boat on any area of water
  • Sell or hire, or expose for sale or hire, any article
  • Erect any tent, booth, stand or building or other structure
  • Obstruct, disturb or annoy any other person

Download a copy of the full byelaws.

In addition to the byelaws, there are also Dog Control Orders in place across the district.

We also regulate model aircraft flying to ensure the safety of our visitors.

Please note that we do not allow metal detecting in any of our parks or open spaces.