Parks in your neighbourhood

Warwick District Council maintains around 170 parks and open spaces. Some town and parish councils maintain their own sites and Warwickshire County Council run a number of country parks.

Warwick District Council parks and open spaces

Selected parks and open spaces:


Hatton Park

  • Extensive parkland with fine trees. Space for informal games
  • Play area and ball games court
  • Access from Barcheston Drive (north end of estate)


Bates’ Memorial Field

  • Play area and space for informal games. Level ground
  • Access from Thornby Avenue and Hermitage Way

Castle Farm

  • Loads of space, football pitches, links to public footpaths, and on-site parking
  • Access from Fishponds Road

Dencer Drive / Casita Grove

  • Linked open spaces in eastern Kenilworth

Farmer Ward Road / Ebourne Close Open Space

  • Play area and space for informal games, small football goals
  • Access from Ebourne Close and Ashdene Gardens

St John’s

  • Play area and space for informal recreation. Level ground
  • Access from Guy Road and Leycester Road

Leamington Spa (north)

Cubbington Waterworks, Lillington

  • Play area and outdoor gym equipment
  • Access from Cubbington Road

Dragon Cottage play area, Beverley Hills Estate

  • Play area, stream and natural character
  • Access from Guy’s Cliffe Avenue and Old Milverton Road

Mason Avenue Park, Lillington

  • Play area, youth shelter, basketball and football pitches. Some slopes
  • Access from Valley Road, Charnwood Way and Mason Avenue

Midland Oak Park

  • Play area, natural character and an oak tree marking the centre of England
  • Access from Heemstede Lane

The Holt, Lillington

  • Play area, basketball and space for informal recreation. Level ground
  • Access from Cubbington Road and The Holt

Leamington Spa (south)

Eagle Recreation Ground

  • Play area, outdoor gym equipment and space for football. Level ground
  • Access from Aylesford Street (including parking), Shrubland Street, Clarence Street and Alexandra Road

Redland Road Recreation Ground

  • Play area, space for football and informal recreation. Level ground
  • Access from Redland Road, Haseley Close, Spa View and Prospect Road

Shrublands / Ford’s Field

  • Play area for all ages, space for football, level ground
  • Access from Old Warwick Road and Bury Road/ Westlea Road

Warwick Gates

Cordelia Green

  • Play area and space for informal recreation. Some slopes
  • Access from Ophelia Drive, Plantaganet Park, Cordelia Green and cycleways

Othello Park

  • Play area and space for informal recreation. Some slopes
  • Access from Othello Avenue, Lady Grey Avenue and cycleways

Warwick (south-west)

Hickmans Green, Chase Meadow

  • Play area and informal recreation. Level ground

St Mary’s Lands (Warwick Racecourse)

  • Racecourse, Warwick Golf Centre, woodland and lots of space
  • Pay-and-display parking off Hampton Road

The Marrish, Chase Meadow

  • Play area

Warwick (Woodloes Park)


  • Play area and ample space for informal games, woodland. Fairly level ground
  • Access from Coventry Road, Greenway, roads south of Deansway, Scar Bank and Lock Lane


Sabin Drive Recreation Ground

  • Play area and football goals, large flat area
  • Access from Sabin Drive


Harbury Lane Recreation Ground

  • Lots of space, wildlife areas, football pitches
  • Access from Harbury Lane or Rideswell Grove

Parishes and villages

Below are some of the parks and open spaces maintained by parish/town councils. If there’s no information for your area here, please contact your parish/town council.

Barford, Sherbourne & Wasperton

Bishop’s Tachbrook

  • Play area, playing fields, tennis, and level ground
  • Access from Kingsley Road


Burton Green

  • Play area at Red Lane


  • Recreation ground with football pitches
  • Access and parking off Broadway

Leek Wootton & Guys Cliffe

  • Play area, cricket ground and some slopes
  • Access from Warwick Road, north end of village

Radford Semele

  • Play area and football pitch, level ground
  • Access from Lewis Road, by Village Hall


  • Playing field with football goals and play area
  • Access from W of St Lawrence


Acre Close Recreation Ground

  • Play area, skate ramp, football pitches and level ground
  • Access from Acre Close at Heathcote Road shops. Footpath from Masters Road

Washbourne Fields

  • Play area, football goals and ornamental garden
  • Access from Landor Rd