Do you want to help make your local park better? A number of our parks have Friends groups. Activities vary from group to group but can involve:

  • Volunteer sessions
  • Running small events
  • Fundraising or applying for grants to improve parks and open spaces
  • Having a say about the management of parks and open spaces

Friends groups in Warwick district parks

Kenilworth area

Leamington area

Warwick area

Volunteer work parties

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust manages the council’s local nature reserves and run regular volunteer work parties at the sites. Tasks can include:

  • Coppicing
  • Hedgerow planting
  • Woodland management

To find out more about these work parties, please contact Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Setting up a group

We’d love to hear from your group and work with you to make your park better. Get in touch using the parks enquiry form.

Public liability guidance

Public liability insurance covers a group in case of injury or damage to third party property at an event. Warwick District Council requires any event taking place on its land to have a minimum of £5m public liability insurance.

The council will cover small group activities involving Friends groups (e.g. volunteer litter picks) with its public liability when the council organises and runs the event and the activity is for the benefit of the park or open space. Whether an event will be covered is assessed on a case by case basis.

Warwick District Council must have been informed of and approved any events on council land before they take place. Events should be submitted through the events team.

The council does not cover any assets of Friends groups, such as money and equipment. Groups are advised to purchase the relevant insurance for their assets.