Cover of the Events Manual

Organising an event

If you are interested in hosting an Event within any of Warwick District's town centre's, parks and open spaces then please get in touch with the Business Support and Events Team. Locations are available in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth or Whitnash:

  • Email:
  • Business Support & Events Officer, Gary Rudd - 01926 456018
  • Business Support & Events Officer, Louise Sheepy - 01926 456619
  • Business Support & Events Officer, Charlie Sabin - 01926 456213
  • Business Support & Events Manager, Charlotte Sully - 01926 456222

Please note that confirmation will be needed from one of our Events Officers, before your event can go ahead.

If you are interested to hire the indoor venues, at the Royal Spa Centre or Royal Pump Rooms, please contact or telephone 01926 737160

Events Manual

Our Events Manual is a step by step guide for events organisers to use while planning their event. Warwick District Council's Events team will support organisers through the process of delivering outdoor events, from initial application through to event debrief. If you're thinking about organising an event, our events manual is the best place to start.  

What event organisers will need before an event is confirmed

Our requirements for booking an event usually vary depending on the scale. For a typical event we will usually request organisers to supply the following:

  • A completed Event Application form
  • Public liability insurance (minimum cover £5 million)
  • Risk Assessments for all aspects of your event

Event charges

There will be a charge administered to event organisers for holding events within the district on Council land. The scale of fees and charges applied are based on the size of event, event location and type of event e.g. community / charity / commercial.

If your event sits within one of our parks and open spaces, we will also request a deposit to cover the cost of any damage to the grounds. All deposits and charges will be discussed with organisers before the event is confirmed. 

Event Classification  Fee per day Bond
Local / Charitable Community Events £150.00 £320.00
Small / Local Commercial Events £300.00 £635.00
Large / National Commercial Events By Negotiation Dependant on size
Funfairs & Circuses £2,550.00 up to 7 days
Additional days £425

Filming and drones


Kenilworth, Leamington and Warwick town centres are all conservation areas, and so are protected in a number of ways. Banners promoting events in these areas are not normally permitted.


We will list all our events on our website.

Displaying posters

Unauthorised advertising: Flyposting on public or private property is illegal. It is therefore an offence to do so and can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Some shops may take posters for display in their windows. You will need to approach each shop individually to ask their permission.

There are several locations where Warwick District Council have public notice boards for community or charity events use only. A4 size posters are preferable due to the demand for space. You will need to visit each location with your poster and ask for it to be displayed.

Leamington Spa

  • Jephson Gardens – contact the Community Ranger on 01926 456754 or make an online enquiry
  • Riverside House, Milverton Hill
  • Town Hall, Parade (A-Boards in the entrance to display event information)
  • Visitor Information Centre, Pump Rooms (they can also display flyers or leaflets)


  • Tourist Information Centre, The Court House, Jury Street
  • Warwick Library, Barrack Street 

Handing out leaflets / promotional material

This activity is not licensable, so it does not need a licence or permission to be granted from Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council or Warwickshire Police. However, we request you follow the guidance set out below:

  • You need to ensure that your promotional material does not cause a littering problem. Doing so could result in you being reported for littering, which could result in prosecution and a fine. You must remove any discarded items before leaving each area.
  • You must not put leaflets or printed material under windscreens. It is an offence to interfere with a vehicle. It is also technically littering, for which Warwick District Council could report you. Unscrupulous car owners may also claim that you have damaged their vehicle.
  • You must not obstruct the highway by using a stand, table or “A” board.
  • You must be mindful not to harass members of the public, when distributing your leaflets or promotional material.

The following areas are privately owned. In order to hand out material in these areas, you must gain permission from the relevant individuals.


Talisman Square - 0161 828 5777 (managed by Workman)


Royal Priors Shopping Centre – 01926 450 150
Regent Court Shopping – 01926 832 409

Please note that it is not permitted to hand out promotional material in the following areas of Leamington:

  • Regent Square (the area set back from the Parade where the flower-seller and potato-man are sited).  You will need to keep to the area in front of this – on the main pavement area.
  • Outside the Town Hall.
  • Inside the Pump Rooms, Parade.

Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Some events may require the involvement of the SAG, depending on the event and areas of significant risk. Find out about the Safety Advisory Group.