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We will need a minimum of two weeks' notice to process your application.

Filming in public is permitted unless the landowner in question requires permission to be obtained in advance. Where an event is being filmed then a licence or permit may be required where the organiser’s permission is needed.


There is a charge of £250 per half day or £500 per full day for any filming in the district for commercial purposes. Exceptions are made for charities, students, schools and news interviews (you will still need permission to film). Please contact for more details and how to apply.


The use of drones is becoming more popular with event organisers. In some respects drones are no different to any other method of filming. We have put together some guidelines.

Drones are regulated as unmanned aircraft by the Civil Aviation Authority and in certain circumstances permission is required. There is a comprehensive guide on the CAA website

In summary a person can fly a surveillance drone that weighs less than 20kg without permission as long as:

  • It is not flown over or within 150m of a congested area. (Defined as a city, town or settlement substantially used for residential, commercial, industrial or recreational purposes).
  • It is not flown over, or within 150 metres of an organised open air assembly of more than 1000 persons.
  • It is not flown within 50m of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not in control of the person in charge of the aircraft.
  • It is not flown within 50m of any person or within 30m of any person during take-off or landing (person controlling the aircraft excepted).
  • The Information Commissioners Officer has advice on drone filming.