We have two sites where you are welcome to fly model aircraft; one at Warwick Racecourse and one at Newbold Comyn.

These sites are also used by other visitors taking part in a variety of different activities. Flyers are expected to behave in a way that does not unduly disturb other users of the site or nearby residents.

We have set out some rules that are designed to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the area and the comfort of nearby residents, whilst still allowing model flyers to enjoy their hobby. If you fly at one our sites you must adhere to the rules below.

Rules of flying

  • Flying should take place only within the flying areas shown on the plans below. Flyers must make every effort to ensure that models do not stray beyond this
  • These are public areas and flyers must give priority to other visitors at all times
  • All flyers must be current members of the British Model Flyers Association (BMFA) and covered by a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance. Evidence of BMFA membership must be available for inspection by council officers at all times whilst flying
  • Only models of less than 7kg may be flown
  • Flyers must at all times comply with Civil Aviation Authority's Air Navigation Order and code of practice CAP 658 "Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying"
  • All models flown must be fitted with an appropriate silencer and operated in a manner which minimises the potential to cause noise nuisance. Flyers causing a noise nuisance to neighbouring residents may be asked to cease flying

Flying times

Flying may only take place during the following times:

  • Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays): 10:00am to 7:00pm
  • Weekends and bank holidays: 11:00am to 4:00pm

Additional restrictions at Warwick Racecourse

At Warwick Racecourse, the following additional restrictions on flying times apply:

  • On Wednesdays and Sundays only silent flight is permitted - no powered flight
  • Flying is not permitted during race meetings

Flying areas

The plans below show the areas where model aircraft flying is permitted at our two sites; Warwick Racecourse (St Marys Lands) and Newbold Comyn. Printable PDFs of the flying areas can be downloaded from the 'Related Links' section.

Newbold Comyn


View Model flying - Newbold Comyn in a larger map


Warwick Racecourse


View Model Flying, Warwick Racecourse in a larger map