Tree in winterWarwick District Council is committed to preserving and enhancing trees and woodland within the district.

Trees are an important part of the character of the local area and provide economic, social and environmental benefits.

Protected trees

Trees may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or because they are in a conservation area. If either of these is the case then it is usually necessary to gain permission from the council’s planning department before carrying out any work.

In some circumstances a felling licence from the Forestry Commission may also be required.

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Works to trees 

Applications to carry out work to protected trees are handled by the council's planning department. 

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For tree applications prior to 1st July 2015 and for enquiries about works to trees, please call 01926 456557.

Apply for works to protected trees (PDF)
Application help/notes (PDF)
Application checklist (PDF)

High hedges

If you have concerns about a high hedge then the council may be able to help in certain circumstances.

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Caring for your own trees

Picking a good tree surgeon can be a difficult task and getting it wrong can be disastrous. Warwick District Council is not able to recommend tree surgeons but we can provide advice about finding a suitable arborist.

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Managing the council’s trees

Warwick District Council has over 19,000 individual trees in parks and open spaces. We also manage several woodlands in partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

National policy

The national strategy for England's Trees, Woods and Forests is the responsibility of DEFRA

More on the Strategy for England's Trees, Woods and Forests

The lead partner in delivering this strategy is the Forestry Commission, who have produced a delivery plan.

More on the delivery plan for the ETWF

Warwick District Council submitted it's views to the government during the development of the strategy.

Download our response to the Government (83kb, PDF)