Trees in parks and open spaces

We are responsible for trees in our parks, green spaces and cemeteries:

When a tree is reported to us, we will check that it is our responsibility. If it is, we will ask our contractor to inspect the tree and report their findings before deciding what action to take. If the tree is not on our land, then we will not undertake any inspections or works.

Trees on highways

Trees on the highway are the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council:

Trees in your garden

If you are a Warwick District Council housing tenant and have a problem with a tree in your garden, then you can report this online:

Usually, trees in your garden are your responsibility. Please see our advice on choosing a tree surgeon. If you need to check if a tree in your garden is protected we have information on protected trees here

If you are an owner-occupier or a private tenant then the council cannot help with trees in your garden. Please see our advice on choosing a tree surgeon.

Protected trees

You can read more information on protected trees here.