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Riverside walk mapRiverside Walk is a pleasant 3½ mile (5½ km) walk linking Leamington and Warwick. It follows the River Leam, Grand Union Canal, and River Avon.

There are cafe facilities and toilets at various locations along the route including Jephson Gardens, the Royal Pump Rooms, Victoria Park and St Nicholas Park.

The walk:

  1. Start at the entrance to Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre. Facing the entrance, turn left and walk carefully down the steps at the side of the swimming pool. Turn right to walk along the back of the leisure centre.
  2. Follow the path through the wood, taking the path nearest to the river at all times. Take care crossing Willes Road and enter Jephson Gardens.
  3. Follow the main walk through Jephson Gardens. Look out for beautiful trees and sculptures. Leave Jephson Gardens through the main gates onto the Parade.
  4. Cross the Parade using the pedestrian crossing and walk into the Pump Room Gardens. Keep the Royal Pump Rooms on your left and then follow the river to the footbridge (York Bridge). Cross the footbridge.
  5. Turn right after crossing the footbridge and follow York Walk (not York Road) along the river. At Adelaide Bridge, go through the underpass into Victoria Park. Continue past the bowling greens, play area, skate park, and car park. Leave Victoria Park under the railway viaduct at Princes Drive.
  6. Cross Princes Drive using the pedestrian crossing. Take the footpath next to the crossing, signed 'Riverside Walk'. Pass the weir and Severn Trent Works.
  7. Follow the trip rail beside the river. Go through the kissing gate into Leam Field and follow the path up to the gate at the railway bridge (please note that the stiles on the map have been replaced by kissing gates).
  8. Keep the railway on your left and continue along the path to the canal. Turn right onto the canal towpath.
  9. Walk along the towpath and pass under bridge No. 45. After crossing the aqueduct over the River Avon, look for a black and white sign which says 'Waterside Walk' and carefully go down the metal steps. At the bottom of the steps bear right until you see the River Avon ahead of you.
  10. At the River Avon, bear right and walk under the aqueduct. Follow the riverside path past the Tesco Superstore to the railway bridge. Walk under the railway bridge and continue following the path along the river until you reach a footbridge (Charter Bridge) and Sea Scout HQ.
  11. Cross the cycle path into St. Nicholas Park, following the River Avon to the boat house and Castle Bridge. Congratulations, you have finished the downstream section of the walk!

Safety and accessibility information

Sections 1-2 and 6-9 of Riverside Walk are not suitable for wheelchairs or push chairs.

Wheelchair and push chair users can replace section 1-2 of the walk by using the cycle path between Newbold Comyn and Willes Road. Facing the entrance to Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, head right towards Leamington town centre. Follow the cycle path along Newbold Terrace East to Willes Road.

There are no stiles on this route. Sections 1-2 and 9 have steps.

Some sections of the walk, especially 1-2 and 9-10, become very muddy or even flooded in some areas during the winter months.  Please take extra care in these areas and wear suitable footwear. Don’t try to walk through flood water.

Take care crossing busy roads. Use pedestrian crossings where possible.