How to report a repair

Use the online form to request council housing repairs:

Housing repairs - online form

You can also phone 01926 456129 - including out of hours and emergencies.

Gas, electric and emergency repairs should be reported to us by phone on (01926) 456129.

Alternatively you can write to us or complete one of these forms:

Please send completed forms it to 'Housing & Property Services, Warwick District Council, PO Box 2175, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa. CV32 5QE'

Please do not write or use these forms if it is an emergency service/repair.

The process when reporting a repair

Please be ready to give the following information:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • If you have reported the repair before
  • As much detail about the repair as possible
  • When access is available (morning or afternoon)

Your repairs appointment

When you report the repair you will be given an appointment. If you are not in when the contractor calls to carry out the work and you do not contact the contractor and make another appointment, the job will be cancelled and you will have to report the repair again.

When can you expect a repair to be done?

The council has set two priority ratings for carrying out repairs: 

1. Emergencies to be completed within 4 hours of being reported (am or pm)

  • Potential risk to health or safety e.g. WC not flushing (where one WC only), leaking water tank
  • Risk of major damage to structure or fabric of building, e.g. failure of electrical supply, gas leak

2. Routine repairs. You will be offered a contractor appointment for repairs at a convenient time to suit you. In some cases it may be necessary for a Property Maintenance Officer to visit your home first. An appointment would be offered for this also.

  • All other non-urgent work e.g. fencing, plastering.
  • Non-emergency but urgent repairs to heating, plumbing and security systems, which pose a risk to health or safety, e.g. repair banister rail, door entry systems

Rechargeable repairs

Where the repairs to a property are needed as a result of damage or negligence by the tenant, or tenant's visitors, we will charge the tenant for the cost of the repairs.

Satisfied with the repair?

For every repair completed you will be given a satisfaction form by the contractor with a prepaid envelope to return it to us. Please tell us what you thought of the service you received. This will help us to identify those areas where we need to improve. You don’t need to put a stamp on it and all returned forms are entered in a quarterly prize draw. You could win £100.

Our repairs responsibilities

The council has to keep its dwellings in a good state of repair and is responsible for repairing:

  • The structure and exterior of your home
  • External decorations
  • The services (gas, electricity, water) and sanitation (toilets, baths, sinks)
  • Installations for space and water heating
  • Communal areas 

Right to repair

If certain repairs are not carried out within a given time you may be entitled to have the work carried out by a second contractor. If the work is not completed within the second time limit, compensation may be paid.

Carrying out your own improvements

Request to carry out alterations or improvements (16kb, PDF)

You have the right to carry out certain improvements to your home and you should use a reputable builder.

Permission from the council is always necessary before you make improvements. To find out more, contact your Property Maintenance Officer. Remember that some changes may need planning permission and/or building regulations approval and it is your responsibility to get this before the work starts.

Decoration allowances

Gas safety procedures

If you think you can smell gas:

  • DON’T turn electric switches on or off
  • DON’T smoke
  • DON’T use naked flames
  • DO turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • DO open doors and windows to get rid of the gas
  • Then call  0800111999 immediately

To arrange an annual gas safety check please contact 01926 456129, press option 1 for repairs and then option 1 for D&K Heating. They will then arrange to carry out the check at a time convenient for you.