We believe that everyone has the right to live in a safe environment that allows them to enjoy their home and community. We recognise the impact that anti-social behaviour may have on our residents’ lives.

What is anti-social behaviour

We acknowledge the definition of anti-social behaviour (ASB) which is found in Section 2(1)(c) of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014; Conduct capable of causing housing-related nuisance or annoyance to any person”, as well as anti-social behaviour directed at our staff and contractors working for us.

We are talking here about anything that unreasonably interferes with your normal use and enjoyment of your home. It may be caused intentionally or unintentionally.

Examples of anti-social behaviour include (but are not limited to):

  • persistent noise nuisance, such as loud music, persistent shouting, excessive volume from TV or radio, animal noise
  • inconsiderate behaviour such as dog fouling, littering, fly-tipping, obstructive parking or car repairs  
  • vandalism, graffiti, and damage to property
  • intimidation and harassment
  • hate behaviour that targets members of identified groups because of their perceived differences
  • aggressive and threatening language or behaviour
  • actual violence against people
  • using a housing property for unlawful or illegal activity, such as prostitution or drug use or dealing

What is not anti-social behaviour

Examples of issues which may upset or disturb people, but which will not be classified as anti-social behaviour (but are not limited to):

  • babies crying
  • children playing (including balls games)
  • cooking smells
  • doors and drawers being shut
  • dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, tumble dryers, washing machines and or other household appliances making noise, unless at an unreasonable time
  • loud talking or laughing
  • one-off or isolated incidents, such as a party or a disagreement
  • people carrying out DIY jobs, unless at an unreasonable time.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Always call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if a crime is in progress.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your neighbour (such as over noise, parking or littering), you should firstly speak to them to try to resolve the issue. They may not have realised that they were causing a problem. It is our experience that many situations can be resolved between neighbours with a degree of compromise and understanding.

If the issues continue, and your neighbour is a council tenant, then you should contact one of our housing officers on 01926 456129 (Option 3) to discuss the matter. We will provide advice on how best to proceed.

Anti-social behaviour is a breach of the tenancy agreement which means in extreme cases, with sufficient evidence, we can take legal action against the offender, however you will be required to help gather evidence in order for us to help.

Criminal offences, such as vandalism, drug dealing or hate crime, should always be reported to the police.

If your neighbour or the person committing anti-social behaviour is not a council tenant, please visit our Anti-social behaviour page.

Noise and antisocial behaviour

Our Housing department has a procedure for dealing with nuisance and anti-social behaviour in council properties. Nuisance may include loud music, noisy gatherings of people in communal areas, or nuisance caused by inconsiderate visitors.

Your Housing Officer can discuss the various remedies available with you if you are experiencing problems. Initially, the council will seek to resolve the problem by negotiation or mediation, but if problems persist, then the council can consider taking legal action against the perpetrator. This may include possession proceedings. In some cases, it may be appropriate to work with the police and obtain an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. If the problem is one of excessive noise in a neighbouring property, we can work with Environmental Health Officers to resolve the problem.

Council tenants - noise and anti-social behaviour incident diary (29kb, PDF)

Racial harassment 

It is the policy of this council that it will not tolerate racial harassment of any tenant, any member of the tenant's household or, any person occupying the property with the tenant's consent. Further, every tenant or applicant for the council's services should have equal access to those services regardless of their colour, race or ethnic origin.

All powers and resources will be used in order to deal effectively with perpetrators of racial harassment.

Dealing with racial harassment - policy and procedure

Contact us

Our aim is to enable the council's tenants to live peacefully in their homes, but if you are having problems, contact your Housing Officer on 01926 456129.

Our policy

This policy sets out our approach to our tenants causing a nuisance in breach of their tenancy conditions. The policy seeks to ensure that we respond to problems effectively and that our estates are safe and allow our tenants and leaseholders to live their lives without having to endure anti-social behaviour.

Housing - antisocial behaviour policy