In this short instructional video, we explain how your air source heat pump heating system works and what you can do to ensure that you get the most out of it.


  • The hydro box looks like a traditional boiler, but no switches or controls need to be touched or adjusted
  • There is a pressure gauge on the hot water cylinder that can be used to increase the pressure if needed
  • The room temperature downstairs is designed to be 21 degrees celsius, you can use the thermostat to decrease the downstairs temperature if needed
  • Please don't increase the temperature on the thermostat, there will be little temperature benefit but your heating bill will substantially increase
  • The room temperature upstairs is designed to be 18 degress celsius, you can use the thermostat to decrease the upstairs temperature if needed
  • The same applies to the upstairs if you increase the temperature, your bills will substantially increase
  • Radiators will look the same but they won't ever feel hot to the touch, only warm
  • This is normal, and you can use the valve on the side of the radiator to control the temperature for that particular room
  • The outdoor fan unit needs to be kept clear of objects and should not have anything placed on top or underneath
  • There will be some noise from the outdoor unit but nothing invasive or above normal outdoor sounds
  • Water will drip from the unit and this is normal, this is why there is gravel and adequate drainage underneath