You will have the right to buy your council home if you are living in a council property and have been a council or housing association tenant for at least 3 years. You cannot buy your home if a court makes a possession order saying you must leave your home, or if you are an undischarged bankrupt or have other legal problems with debt.

There are some homes that you are not able to buy under the scheme - these include sheltered housing for older people and those with disabilities.

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With effect from 6 April 2023 the highest discount you may be eligible for is £96,000.

Contact us about the scheme

For more information and an application form, please complete the online enquiry:

Right to Buy enquiry

Or you can phone 01926 456129 (option 3, option 1, option 3).

Beware of some finance companies

A number of finance companies have been circulating leaflets to tenants offering mortgages for those interested in the right to buy scheme. Tenants should always be aware of unscrupulous moneylenders.

If you need advice on any aspect of the right to buy scheme, please contact your council first. If you are approached by a person or a company offering to help you buy your council home, check out what's in it for them and talk to us before signing up to any deal. Please note that the council do not offer mortgages to purchase council dwellings. You would have to arrange a mortgage yourself.

Deeds of ownership

If you have bought your property with a mortgage or loan, your deeds will be retained by your lender. Your title deeds are important documents. If you hold the deeds to your property yourself, you should ensure that they are kept in a secure place. 

Where a property has been sold under the right to buy, the council will usually have a duplicate or a copy of the transfer document or the lease (in the case of a flat).

The council will give you information about your rights and obligations under the transfer, including the aspects of fencing, rights of way, the relevant covenants. A small charge may be made where copies of documents are requested. The council will deal with any issues where its neighbouring land is involved. Any issue relating to property between yourself and another private neighbour will have to be dealt with between yourselves, but the council will provide information to both parties where the council has been the previous owner.