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Tenancy agreement

All council housing is let on a tenancy. The Tenancy Agreement sets out the respective rights and responsibilities of both the council as the landlord of the property and the tenant whose home the property becomes.

Introductory tenancies

This is the contract between the Council as Landlord and all new tenants after 1st April 2000. It lasts for 12 months, after which it becomes a Secure Tenancy, unless steps are taken to terminate it before the 12 months expire.

Introductory Tenancies allow the Council to apply to the Court for a Mandatory Possession Order as long as the appropriate notice has been served under the terms of the Housing Act 1996. The tenant has a right of appeal against the service of the notice and the appeal process is included in the terms of reference of the Housing Appeals and Review Panel. In certain circumstances an Introductory Tenancy can also be extended.

Application for a joint tenancy

If you are the tenant of council accommodation you may wish to apply for a Joint Tenancy with your partner. Providing your rent account is up to date and there are no arrears you may apply by completing the Application for a Joint Tenancy form (31kb, PDF).  

Amendment to tenancy - joint tenancy relinquished

28 days notice is required from a joint tenant wishing to relinquish their name from a joint tenancy. Complete the Amendment to Tenancy - Joint Tenancy Relinquished form (21kb, PDF) . Both parties will be held jointly and severally responsible for all charges on the accommodation up until the end of the notice period.

Please return completed forms to Warwick District Council.


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