Tenancy agreement

All council housing is let on a tenancy. The Tenancy Agreement sets out the respective rights and responsibilities of both the council as the landlord of the property and the tenant whose home the property becomes.

Introductory tenancies

This is the contract between the Council as Landlord and all new tenants after 1st April 2000. It lasts for 12 months, after which it becomes a Secure Tenancy, unless steps are taken to terminate it before the 12 months expire.

When you become a tenant with us you will be given an introductory tenancy if:

  • you have never rented a home from us before
  • you have only rented from a private landlord
  • you have had a period away from being a tenant of a council or a housing association.

This will normally last for a year. You will usually be given a secure tenancy at the end of the year as long as you have not broken your introductory tenancy agreement.

With an introductory tenancy some of your rights are limited:

  • you cannot apply to buy your home
  • you cannot exchange homes with another tenant
  • you cannot sub-let your home
  • the Council can bring your tenancy to an end more easily.


Unsatisfactory conduct

Your Introductory tenancy will be monitored to ensure that you are complying with the tenancy agreement. If there are any breaches of the tenancy agreement, the Council will let you know, so that you can have the opportunity to put it right. Breaches of tenancy conditions will be investigated carefully and if not resolved, the Council may act to end the tenancy.  The Council can take action to end an Introductory Tenancy at any time. If the breach is very serious the Council may decide to end an Introductory Tenancy without allowing you, the opportunity to try and put things right.

Serious breaches of tenancy include: (This is not an exhaustive list)

  • Drug dealing
  • Using the property for immoral or illegal purposes
  • Committing an assault


The Landlord Operations Team will visit all new residents within 2-4 weeks of the start their tenancy to ensure that you understand your responsibilities as a tenant and to ensure that any support needs have been adequately gauged. Further reviews will be undertaken at quarterly intervals throughout the Introductory period. Additional support needs will be identified during the reviews and additional support provided, where possible. If you need support to manage your introductory tenancy, please contact your housing officer.

Application for a joint tenancy

If you are the tenant of council accommodation you may wish to apply for a Joint Tenancy with your partner. Providing your rent account is up to date and there are no arrears you may apply by completing the Application for a Joint Tenancy form (31kb, PDF).  

Please return completed forms to Warwick District Council.


Warwick District Council, Town Hall, Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AT

In person: Visiting the council