Leaving your council home

  • You are required to provide us with notice of your intention to leave.
  • There is a period of notice that is required in the case of intention to vacate a property and this is 4 weeks notice and given in writing.
  • The notice given for terminating a tenancy in the case of death of tenant is 2 weeks notice.
  • When vacating a property there is a checklist of things to do.

Electricity supply

You must contact your supplier to advise them you are moving. They will arrange a closing meter reading at your old address and amend their records for your new home. You must give at least 48 hours notice. In most instances they will prefer you to ring them yourself with the meter reading.

A meter reading must be done on both the property you are leaving and the property you are moving in to. If you do not know the current supplier call Customer MPAS Enquiry Service on 08456 030618.

Gas supply

You should contact your supplier to arrange a closing meter reading at your old address to enable them to amend their records for your new address.

 A meter reading must be done on both the property you are leaving and the property you are moving in to. If you do not know the current supplier call Transco on 08706 081524.

You must ring this number to check if you have a gas supply, otherwise you may get billed for a standing charge even if you use no gas but have a meter.


You must contact your supplier to arrange disconnection/re-connection of your telephone. Telephone Freephone 0800 800 150 if your supplier is British Telecom.


Forms to redirect post are available from Post Offices.

Pensions and benefits

Inform the Job Centre Plus of your new address. Their address is:

Job Centre Plus, Brandon House, Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, CV32 4JE
  • Call 01926 302600; or
  • call 08456 060265 (if you are aged 60 years or over)

Council tax

You must inform the Benefits and Revenues Office of the change in your address. A form is given to you when you sign the tenancy of your new property. Call 01926 456760.

If you are currently claiming housing benefit, please get in touch with the Benefits and Revenues Office. Housing benefit will stop when you move. You must fill in a form giving details of your new home. 

Please note: Housing benefit will only be paid on your new home from the date you move in.

In special cases it may be paid on your old property only for up to 4 weeks after you have moved out, but you will need to make a written request direct to the Housing Benefit team at:

Town Hall, Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AT

Home contents insurance

You must remember to tell your insurance company that you are moving or arrange insurance if you do not already have a policy. The council can offer advice on contents insurance – please ask for a leaflet or call 01926 456409.

Water supply

Severn Trent Water Authority should be advised of your move so that they can amend their records. Call 08457 500500. 

TV Licence

You should advise TV Licensing Bristol BS98 1TL of your new address. Call 0870 241 6468.

Unwanted household items

The charities listed below may be grateful for any good clean furniture or household items.  

  • Emmaus Trust 02476 632988
  • Lions Furniture Store 01926 864093
  • Turn Around Project 02476 661400 (they collect and recycle furniture and white goods like fridges and washing machines as long as they are in good working order).

Some of these organisations may have items for sale as well.

Bulky waste collection service

Bulky household items, of no use, such as fridges, cookers, beds can be collected for a fee. See the bulky items collection page for details.

NB: Items being removed by the bulky waste collection service should be removed under this service before the keys are handed in for the property. If not, a further charge will be made for removal and tipping.

Items can also be disposed of at the local household waste sites at Princes Drive, Leamington Spa and at Cherry Orchard at Kenilworth.

And finally

Do not forget to notify your doctor, dentist, family and friends of your change of address.

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