Buy back council houses sold under the right to buy

We buy back council property at any time, but in the first 10 years following a Right to Buy sale, you must first offer it back to us to purchase at the full market value.

You may put it on the open market before the ten-year anniversary but only if we have decided not to buy the property back. Please be aware that a discount repayment will still be due for the first five years following the Right to Buy sale, should the sale complete.

Please complete the enquiry form to apply.

Make a buy back request

What properties do we buy back?

We decide to buy properties on a case by case basis, against the following criteria:

  • Whether there is reasonable demand for the property
  • Whether the property and/or location causes concern from a housing management perspective
  • Whether there are concerns over the state of repair of the property or any known inherent defects in similar properties in the locality
  • Whether the price is within a 5% tolerance of the valuation of the property
  • Whether appropriate funding is available for the purchase
  • Whether there are unacceptable land issues (rights of way, easements, way leave, restrictive covenants etc.) identified through the conveyancing process

The decision process although sounding complicated is fairly straightforward, and we’re normally able to give an initial indication of our decision within 2 weeks once the request is in.

Discount repayment

The amount you may be required to pay back is dependent on the number of years you have owned the property:

Year(s) of ownership Required payback of discount
1 100%
2 80%
3 60%
4 40%
5 20%