Many council tenants believe that we automatically insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against theft, vandalism or burst pipes. This is not the case and unfortunately many people only realise this after the damage has been done. Tenants are recommended to make their own private insurance arrangements. However the council can make it easy for you to insure your belongings with a special household contents scheme available only to council tenants.

  • Weekly payment with your rent - the cost of insurance is payable weekly when you pay your rent.
  • Sums insured are as little as £9,000 or £6,000 for tenants aged over 60.
  • There's no excess to pay and your premiums won't go up after a claim.
  • Insured risks - your contents are covered for loss or damage caused by specific events and perils including fire, theft, vandalism and water damage.
  • ‘New for Old' - the policy insures your contents on a ‘new for old' basis (with the exception of linen and clothing), meaning that they would be replaced as new if destroyed by an event covered by the policy. It is important not to undervalue your contents otherwise the insurer will not pay the full value of your claim.
  • Comprehensive cover - most of your household goods are insured when in your home. Also covered are loss of keys, freezer contents and broken windows. 
  • Accidental damage is included as standard and there's an option to add extended accidental damage cover, personal possessions away from the home, outbuilding structures, hearing aid and wheelchair cover.

Application form 

Weekly paid home contents insurance - for council tenants (272kb, PDF)

If you fail to maintain your payments, your Contents Insurance Policy will be cancelled.

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