Engagement opportunities

We are reviewing our engagement strategy and methods of involvement. Look out in the new year on how you can get involved. 

Get involved, have your say and make a difference

At Warwick District Council we want our tenants to be at the heart of everything we do. To help us deliver an excellent services, we believe tenants must be involved at every level.

Why get involved?

By getting involved you can help us to

  • Keep on improving - we need your feedback to help us improve the services we provide
  • Make better decisions - we are able to make decisions in an informed way if we know what tenants want
  • Increase accountability - by involving tenants throughout the organisation, including the Housing Advisory Group we are more accountable to our customers
  • Achieve value for money. We make sure we are getting the most of our money using the income from our tenants in the best way. Understanding tenants needs is an important part of achieving value for money.

Ways to get involved

Surveys and questionnaires

Give your views from the comfort of your own home by filling in surveys or taking part in our telephone questionnaires. We carry out surveys to get residents’ feedback on how we can improve our services. Results from the 2015 STAR survey.

Volunteering opportunities

Would you like to volunteer in Helping Hands Charity Shops Mondays and Saturdays between 10am - 4pm. This includes serving on the till, restocking shelves, steaming cloths. To find out more please contact 01926 456129.

Annual report

A guide to residents' groups

What is a tenants’ and residents' group? 

Tenants and Residents Associations and panels enable tenants and leaseholders to get together to tackle issues and problems collectively rather than individually. They represent the views and interests of tenants and leaseholders to the council. These groups are often formed when residents living in the same community get together to discuss and put forward issues to improve the area or the service they receive. The group can build community spirit and encourage community development.

Why form a group?

  • To tackle crime and anti social behaviour within your community
  • To improve community spirit and awareness
  • Environmental improvements within your community
  • To come together in a social aspect

Council support for groups

The council can give a start up grant to recognised groups to assist with running costs such as photocopying, postage and hiring meeting rooms. We also offer support with all aspects of the group's administration, basic committee training and on-going training with issues related to housing. We can also help with transport arrangements and childcare costs.

Where do I go from here?

Call the Engagement Team and they will be able to tell you if there is a group in your area. If there isn’t they can help you and other residents set one up. You will need to get together with interested residents and discuss any ideas for the group, then we will arrange a public meeting to assess the support for the group and what its aims will be. Then it’s time to fire the residents' group up and start taking action within the community.

Contact details

Jaz Kundi - Engagement Officer
Telephone: (01926) 456357
Email: jaz.kundi@warwickdc.gov.uk

Jane Rostron
Telephone: 01926 456445
Email: jane.rostron@warwickdc.gov.uk