Recycling Christmas waste

Recycling wrapping paper and Christmas cards

Recycle wrapping paper and Christmas cards with your cardboard.

We cannot recycle foil wrapping paper, glittery wrapping paper, glittery cards, ribbons, bows and tape. 

Extra recycling over Christmas?

Put extra recycling in a sturdy bag or small box (please keep each material separate) and place beside your red boxes and bags. Please flatten or cut large cardboard in pieces no larger than 1m x 1m. Please visit our recycling pages for further information on what can be recycled and how to present it for collection. You may notice a separate vehicle collecting excess cardboard and plastics during this time. The collection of this excess recycling may also take place at a different time to your normal recycling collections. 

Christmas tree recycling

Please cut your real Christmas tree into pieces and put it in your green bin for collection throughout January 2019. Make sure all decorations, tree stands, pots and netting are removed.

If you don't have a green bin please take your tree to the nearest recycling centre at Princes Drive in Leamington Spa or Cherry Orchard in Kenilworth

Bulky waste collections

Bulky waste collections resumed on Monday 31st December 2018.