You can appeal against the banding of your property but you must do it within 6 months of occupation unless there has been a reduction in the value of the property. This can be caused by the demolition of any part of the property, any change in its physical state, locality or any adaptation to make it suitable for use by physically disabled persons.

You can contact the Valuation office yourself and do not need to appoint an agent or company to do this on your behalf.

It is the responsibility of the Listings Officer to maintain the council tax bands. This officer works for the Valuation office Agency and NOT the council.

The Listings Officer can amend a band in the following circumstances

  • There has been a material increase in the dwellings value and a relevant transaction has subsequently been carried out; or
  • There has been a reduction in the dwellings value; or
  • The dwelling has become or ceased to be a composite hereditament; or
  • To correct an error; or
  • By order of a Valuation Tribunal or High Court.

Forms are available from the Valuation Office Agency in Coventry.

You can however make your own appeal which must

  • Be in writing
  • Be served on the Listings Officer
  • Show your name and address
  • Show the address of the property to which the appeal relates
  • Give the reason(s) for the appeal
  • Indicate the date the change is to be effective from.

Valuation Office contact details

Please note: Whilst any appeal is outstanding, the current charges remain due and payable. Should you be successful in securing a reduction, then any overpayment will be refunded or credited to you.

Backdated band changes

If the Valuation Office decides to change the banding of your property and you are due a refund :

  • if you are the current occupier and pay by direct debit we will refund back to your bank account listed on the account, or send you a form to complete if you pay by another means.
  • if you are a previous occupier we will attempt to contact you if we hold a current address for you and ask you to complete a refund form.
  • if we dont hold any information for you;  you can contact us directly to request your refund. If we dont hold full records for your old account in order to calculate your refund, we will ask for some evidence to prove residency dates.

You can do all this directly with the council and you do not need to use an agent or a company to do it on your behalf.