Tenancy changes

We know that landlords are busy, but the council should be kept informed of all tenancy changes within 21 days. This enables us to provide an efficient service, send correct bills and award discounts and exemptions promptly.

If you are a landlord or agent (such as a Letting Agent, Estate Agent, Housing Association) and you have a tenant moving in or out of a rental property, use this forms to let us know:

Inform us of a change of tenant

Please be aware we will not usually register tenants for a retrospective period. For us to consider a request to register tenants for a past period, we will need to see full supporting evidence such as:

  • tenancy agreements (signed by both the tenant and landlord and dated)
  • proof of rent paid
  • utility bills
  • tenants forwarding address and contact details
  • employment details

Tenants that are students

If you have tenants that are all full time students they will be eligible for a student exemption. In order to get the exemption we need to see proof of their student status. Please advise your tenants to complete the exemption form and upload their proof:

Students exemption for council tax

Please note that if you have any tenants that are not students within the household they will still be liable to pay council tax.

Liability between tenanted lets

As a landlord/estate agent you are responsible for the council tax liability in between tenanted lets. If you have already informed us of a change in tenant you are required to keep paying your council tax until you receive an amended bill. You will be refunded any monies overpaid.

Empty and unfurnished properties

As from 1st April 2017 there are no longer any exemptions available for a property that is empty and unfurnished. A full charge will apply regardless of whether there is any furniture in the property or not.

Council tax that is included within the tenants rent

If your tenant has a tenancy agreement that states their council tax payments are included in their rent we will still make the tenant liable for council tax as they are the occupier of the property. You are of course able to make payments against their council tax account with their prior permission, but the liability will always be in the name of the tenants.

Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

If you are a landlord of a House of Multiple Occupancy - where your tenants have their own room but shared facilities - the landlord will be responsible for the council tax liability regardless of whether you have tenants in or not.

Pay council tax

Ways to pay your council tax