Council tax reduction is paid by local councils to help pay your council tax. It replaced the national council tax benefit scheme on 1 April 2013. You will need to complete an application form for council tax reduction. The assessment will then be calculated with reference to your circumstances, income and capital.  


How much you receive will depend on your circumstances and how much you have to pay.

* Please note that Council Tax Reduction is a scheme local to Warwick District. The estimate provided by this externally hosted calculator is not based directly on this scheme and so may only provide an approximation of your likely council tax reduction entitlement.

Second adult rebate is for those of pension age who cannot get help for themselves with their council tax but have people living with them that are on low incomes. This is not available for those of working age.

Not eligible? Discounts and exemptions

If you are not eligible for council tax reduction you may be eligible for a discount or exemption (e.g. single person, students).

Apply for council tax reduction or housing benefit

Only one form is required to claim both council tax reduction and housing benefit.

The application process, application form and supporting information.

Privacy: your data and information

How your data and information is used for Council Tax Reduction and or Housing Benefit.

Check your council tax reduction account

If you are already on benefits you can check your benefit details online (registration required).

Change in circumstances

Tell us about a change of address, rent, household or income. Visit the Change in circumstances page.

Housing benefit 

Housing benefit is paid by local councils to help pay your rent. 

Housing benefit - applications, eligibility and checking your details