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See the Council tax charges for each band.

Property values

These are the council tax bands and property values for England

Band Values on 1st April 1991
A not exceeding £40,000
B between £40,001 and £52,000
C between £52,001 and £68,000
D between £68,001 and £88,000
E between £88,001 and £120,000
F between £120,001 and £160,000
G between £160,001 and £320,000
H over £320,000

The basis of valuation is the “capital value” of each dwelling as at 1st April 1991, not what the value is at present. More on appeals

Valuation Office

It is the responsibility of the Listings Officer to maintain the council tax bands. This officer works for the Valuation Office and not the council.

Finding out more about your Council Tax band 

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) maintains the Council Tax Valuation List. This includes placing new properties within a Council Tax band and changing bands for properties when necessary.  

To understand why your property is in a certain band, please click: How domestic properties are assessed for Council Tax bands 

Telephone number:  03000 501 501
Fax number: 0121 410 3934

You can also visit the Valuation Office website for more information about council tax bands and to search the council tax list.