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Annual Monitoring Report

An Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is produced as part of the Local Development Framework and provides information on a range of national and local planning indicators.  This enables the Council to assess the extent to which the policies and proposals set out in the Local Plan and other documents are being achieved.

Housing Land Monitoring

The Council annually monitors the amount of new housing that has been built, is under construction, or has planning permission but where construction has not yet started. This is required in order that the Council can demonstrate there is sufficient land available for new housing in the District for the next five years. Officers of the Council undertake the monitoring in April of each year.

Five Year Supply of Housing Land

The Council carries out a full housing monitoring exercise every April to assess the housing land supply situation at 1st April.

You can also download Housing Monitoring Reports from previous years.

For more information about housing monitoring, email

Employment Land Monitoring

The Council is also required each year to monitor the availability and development of employment land within the District (i.e. land for B1, B2 or B8 uses, such as offices, research & development, light industry, general industrial and storage & distribution uses).  The monitoring is undertaken each April by officers of the Council and the details of the land available at April 2011 can be viewed below:

You can also download the employment monitoring reports from previous years. These include the site plans which accompany the Employment Monitoring Report 2008.  

For more information about employment land monitoring, telephone us on 01926 456331 or email