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Enquiries about planning policy and the Local Plan

Philip Clarke (Policy Manager):
01926 456518

David Butler (Business Manager, Policy & Delivery)
01926 456017

Tony Ward (Senior Planning Officer)
01926 456503

Lorna Coldicott (Senior Planning Officer)
01926 456505

Hayley Smith (Senior Planning Officer)
01926 456331

Chris Garden (Site Delivery Officer - sites south of Warwick and Leamington)
01926 456504

Andrew Cornfoot (Site Delivery Officer - land at Kenilworth)
01926 456203

Ragu Sittambalam (Site Delivery Officer - South of Coventry)
01926 456016

Michael Brown (Monitoring Officer)
01926 456330

Aspia Jannat (Planning Assistant)
01926 456519

Julie Williams (CIL Officer)
01926 456066