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Supplementary Planning Documents

The 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act made provision for the preparation of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to provide greater detail on specific policies within individual Development Plan Documents (DPDs)/ the Local Plan.

Latest news

New consultation - East of Kenilworth Development Brief

Drop in event - Thursday 29 November (9:00-17:00), Friday 30 November (09:00-17:00) and Saturday 01 December (9:00-13:00) - Exhibition Room, Kenilworth Library, Smalley Place, Kenilworth.

The consultation on the East of Kenilworth Development Brief began on 19 November 2018, and will end at 5.15pm on 14 January 2019.

Responding to the consultation

You can make respond to the consultation in the following ways:

A response form is available for email and written responses.

The Parking Standards SPD and the Residential Design Guide were both adopted by Executive on 27 June 2018.  Links to both SPDs are included in the table below.

New guidance on the mix of housing for large scale developments was published in July 2018, and is available in the Supplementary Planning Guidance table below.

Adopted SPDs

SPD title Date of adoption Summary
Affordable Housing January 2008 Provides guidance for developers on when affordable housing will be required on developments, how much, and what type.
Open Space July 2009 Provides guidance on how new housing and commercial developments will be required to provide new open spaces or enhance existing spaces for leisure and recreations.
Sustainable Buildings December 2008 Seeks to encourage new buildings to be designed to be more environmentally friendly through the use of sustainable construction techniques, energy efficient layout and design, use of renewable energy, and water conservation measures.
Parking Standards June 2018 Sets out the amount of parking expected to accompany developments of different land-uses for vehicles and bicycles, and minimum parking space dimensions.  The SPD was developed based upon evidence outlined in a separate report.
Residential Design Guide June 2018 Design principles for residential development, from whole estates to the extension of an existing home and for conversions.

The above SPDs have been/will be reviewed and updated in light of the adoption of the Local Plan in September 2017. 

Supplementary planning guidance

The following Supplementary Guidance remains relevant:

SPG   Summary
Provision of a mix of housing July 2018 Provides guidance on the mix of housing for large scale developments.
Barford Village Design Statement May 2009 Provides guidelines to anyone who wishes to make a change in the village, from small house extensions to new housing developments.  It aims to ensure that the things about Barford that residents most value are preserved, and if possible, enhanced.
Design Guidance for the Strategic Urban Extension South of Royal Leamington Spa and Warwick January 2016 This guide aims to ensure that development on the allocated sites south of Leamington Spa and Warwick come forward in accordance with the Garden Suburb ambitions for the area.  It is intended to inform the preparation and determination of planning applications in the area.
Low Emission Strategy Guidance for Developers April 2014 Supports policy TR2 of the Local Plan, which was in draft format at the time of publication.  It forms part of the Council’s Air Quality Action Plan.
Planning and Development Brief – Station Area, Royal Leamington Spa September 2008 To guide the future development of the area.
Tournament Fields, Warwick.  Employment Land Development Brief March 2003 To guide the development of the employment area.
Garden Towns, Villages and Suburbs.  A Prospectus for Warwick District May 2012 Principles to guide growth in the district

Other guidance

Housing mix guidance