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Planning (Development Management):

  • For general development management related enquiries, please use the General enquiry online form and the Duty Officer will provide a response either in writing or by telephone within 10 working days.
  • To contact the Planning (Development Management) Administration Team:


            Tel: 01926 456536

Enquiries about listed buildings

Enquiries relating to listed building consent should be made to the Conservation and Design team:

Enquiries about tree applications and trees

  • Planning Administration: 01926 456557

Reporting works/development without planning permission

  • Rajinder Reddi, Enforcement Manager (Monday to Friday): 01926 456520
  • Stephen Hewitt, Enforcement Officer (Monday - Friday): 01926 456522
  • Phil Hopkinson, Enforcement Officer (Tuesday - Thursday): 01926 456332
  • Liz Galloway, Enforcement Officer (Monday - Thursday): 01926 456538
  • Navjot Nijjar, Enforcement Officer (Tuesday - Friday): 01926 456548


Land charges

Local land search enquiries & copies of Section 106 agreements

Telephone: 01926 456140

Enquiries about planning policy and the Local Plan