The following information should be read in conjunction with the Corporate Enforcement Policy.

Report a potential breach 

You can report a potential breach of planning control.

You should supply as much information as possible, including:

  • The address and location of the building or site
  • When activities started and whether they are still continuing
  • If you know them, the approximate dimensions of any new building works
  • Any information you may have including the names and contact details of the people who may be involved
  • Details of any problems caused, for example visual intrusion, overlooking, noise, traffic, smells; and in the case of potential unauthorised uses, details of the type and frequency of the activity.

Please note that all complaints are treated confidentially, and your details will not be disclosed.

What constitutes a breach?

Find out what is a breach and what isn't a breach


Resolutions and enforcement

Types of resolution and enforcement actions

Right of appeal

Please see Planning appeals for further information.

Enforcement issues handled by other departments/agencies

Should you have potential concerns about the issues listed below, please follow the links given to the relevant organisations or departments. (WDC:Warwick District Council; WCC: Warwickshire County Council)

  • WDC Environmental Health :  Noise disturbance complaints – Nuisance complaints – Light pollution – Smell Nuisance : Travellers issues – Housing conditions/facilities
  • WDC Building Control : Dangerous structures – building drainage/stability issues
  • WDC Property Services: WDC land ownership enquiries/disputes
  • WCC Planning : Waste tipping and waste disposal, minerals
  • WCC Highways: Works within or affecting the public highway and pavement areas

Please note: The planning enforcement team are currently experiencing a very high volume of cases which may delay the investigating of your complaint.

High priority cases - Priority 1 cases (see Appendix 1) will be investigated within the timeframe detailed.  We will endeavour to progress other cases as promptly as possible.

For information on how we handle and process your personal data, please visit the Enforcement Privacy Notice page.