Priority 1

Matters which will be investigated as soon as reasonably practicable

  • Alleged unauthorised demolition or alteration of Listed Buildings.
  • Alleged unauthorised demolition or alteration of buildings in Conservation Areas.
  • Alleged unauthorised works to trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area.
  • Alleged unauthorised removal of protected hedgerows.
  • Other alleged breaches of planning control which by reason of their nature or extent require urgent investigation.

Priority 2

Matters which will be investigated as a priority

  • Other alleged harmful unauthorised works effecting Listed Buildings or in Conservation areas including the display of advertisements.
  • Alleged unauthorised activities including:-
    • Building or other works;
    • Changes of use of land or buildings;
    • Variations of planning permissions;
    • Breaches of conditions:
  • which do not accord with planning policies; cause significant planning harm or are seriously detrimental to visual or residential amenity or highway safety.
  • The alleged poor condition of land or buildings which seriously impacts upon the visual amenities of the surrounding area.

Priority 3

Matters which will be investigated as resources permit

  • Other alleged building works, including works of a minor nature, for example small domestic structures such as sheds and greenhouses; boundary structures; satellite dishes.
  • Other alleged changes of use of land and buildings.
  • Other alleged variations of planning permissions and breaches of conditions.
  • The alleged display of other advertisements.

Priority 4

Matters which will not usually be investigated

  • In certain circumstance anonymous complaints.
  • Issues within the adopted highway including advertisements: notifiers will be directed to the Highways Team at Warwickshire County Council.
  • Repeat complaints concerning matters which have previously been concluded.

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