Warwick Building ControlWarwick Building Control is a group covering the Building Control functions for Warwick District Council, Rugby Borough Council and Daventry District Council.

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The building regulations apply to most types of building work and set minimum standards to ensure the safety of people in and around buildings. Find out if you need building regulations.

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Cross Boundary Working and Partner Authority Scheme

The Partner Authority Scheme (PAS) is shared by all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. Customers can choose to work with any local authority building control surveyor to undertake all pre-application and design work, regardless of the project's geographical location; in some circumstances and where travel permits under the Cross Boundary Working Agreement that same surveyor can undertake the site surveying work too where there is a formal prior agreement from the host authority.

This means that we can work across local authority boundaries and provide a consistent interpretation of the Building Regulations and a seamless route through the building control process. Please contact us to discuss your project. 

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