Building being demolished

Guidance on demolition works

Where it is intended to demolish a building, it is necessary for notice to be given to the Building Control section under the Building Act 1984 section 80, unless the building is exempt. Exempt buildings include:

  • An internal part of an occupied building
  • A building less than 50m3 externally
  • Part of a larger building that consists of an attached conservatory, shed, greenhouse or garage
  • A building used solely for agricultural purposes.

How to submit a demolition notice

The process to give notice to the council has now changed, and it is now necessary to fill in a Demolition Notice form (PDF) and submit the correct fee. The notice should be served before any work commences, attaching any relevant documents and plans. A copy of the notice should also be sent to:

  1. Occupiers of any building adjacent to the building to be demolished
  2. The relevant public gas supplier
  3. The relevant electricity supplier

When the council receives notification of intention to demolish a building, it can serve a counter notice, which sets down various conditions in respect of the manner in which the demolition is to be carried out, and other matters to secure the general health and safety of adjacent owners/general public.

These conditions may relate to the disconnection of services such as gas, water, electricity and drainage, the protection of abutting or adjacent buildings and the effective sealing of the site while the works are undertaken.

Demolition work should not commence until either:

  • The council has served a counter notice on the person intending to carry out the demolition or
  • Six weeks has expired since written notification of the intended demolition was given to the council.

Reporting a demolition

If you believe a building or part of a building is being demolished without the knowledge of the Building Control section, you may contact us or use our form to report the works.

Health and Safety

Safety requirements in connection with demolition of buildings are laid down in the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, the enforcement of which is the responsibility of the Health and Safety Executive. Visit their website or call 01582 444200.

Planning permission

It is essential to discuss any demolition proposals with the council’s Development Control Section and specifically where: