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Private Sector Housing News

Extension of HMO Licensing now in force - The team are busy with the extension of mandatory licensing. Shared properties with 5 or more unrelated people will require a licence from 1st October 2018. Landlords must contact us and make their licence application as soon as possible in order to avoid financial penalties or prosecution. The requirement for a property to have 3 storeys to qualify for licensing has been removed.

Section 21  - From 1st October 2018 all landlords wishing to use a section 21 notice must use the standard 6A form. No other versions will be valid. This form requires landlords to confirm they have served the prescribed information.

Retaliatory Eviction - the legislation now applies to ALL tenancies not just those which were created post October 2015. If your tenant has complained about disrepair and we subsequently serve an improvement notice, you cannot serve a section 21 on that tenant for 6 months.

Stock Condition Survey - Landlords, homeowners and tenants are being contacted to ask if Council appointed surveyors can inspect their properties as part of a Stock Condition Survey. ARCUS will inspect 1300 homes across the district to give us a good picture of the age, condition and safety of residents homes.

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Private Sector Housing Team

The team comprises of:

  • Mark Lingard - Team Manager
  • Paul Hughes - Senior Environmental Health Officer
  • Ian Jackson - Senior Housing Standards Officer
  • Rachel Watton - Environmental Health Officer
  • Rebecca Frazer - Landlord Liaison Officer
  • Baljinder Gill - Housing Standards Officer
  • Tina Maisuria - Housing Standards Officer
  • Amie Widdows - HMO Admin Officer

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