Landlord Steering Group and Landlord Forums

The Landlord Steering Group (LSG)

This is chaired by an experienced private landlord. Members include Warwick and Stratford District Council representatives, local landlords, letting agents, the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) and Warwick University accommodation providers. 

Our main aim is to establish an effective partnership between Warwick and Stratford District Councils and those involved in letting property locally in the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

We respond to local and national consultation documents, liaise with district council departments and share information and experience with the wider PRS community. This includes areas such as legislation, codes of practice and legal guidance on housing related issues, property safety standards and management practices. Training, promoting and improving the image of the PRS is achieved through newsletters and Landlord Forums.

Local PRS stakeholders can comment and raise issues for the LSG to consider, by completing a feedback form after attending a Landlord Forum.

Joining the Landlord Steering Group

If you are a local private landlord, letting agent or other PRS stakeholder and are interested in becoming a member of the LSG then please contact:

Landlord Steering Group meeting dates

  • Wednesday 24 January 2024, 2.30pm to 4.30pm. General meeting & AGM. Hosted by Warwick District Council
  • Wednesday 5 June 2024. Venue TBC
  • Wednesday 16 October 2024. Venue TBC
  • Wednesday 22 January 2025. Venue TBC

Landlord Steering Group members

  • Runjit Bhopal: Private Landlord   
  • Paul Chapman: Private Sector Housing Manager, Stratford District Council   
  • Gurdip Chatha: Private Landlord
  • Carol Duckfield: Private Landlord   
  • Kam Gadhary: Private Landlord   
  • Paul Hughes: Private Sector Housing Manager, Warwick District Council   
  • Anthony Kempster: Letting Agent & Private Landlord   
  • Shera Payne: Student Lettings Manager, Warwick Accommodation   
  • Parveen Rai: Private Landlord     
  • Don Robbie: NRLA Local Representative & Private Landlord
  • Terry Samuel: CHAIR & Private Landlord
  • Gurmit Singh: Private Landlord  
  • Richard Thomas: Private Landlord   
  • John Warburton: Letting Agent   
  • Sue Warburton: Letting Agent
  • Amie Widdows: Housing Standards Officer, Stratford District Council
  • Richard Woodcock: VICE-CHAIR & Private Landlord  

Landlord Forums

Landlord Forums are organised by Warwick and Stratford District Councils and the LSG, in association with the NRLA. These are free local events for private landlords, letting agents and others involved in letting property in the PRS. It is essential training for those seeking to keep their practical knowledge up-to-date.

Presentations include a number of helpful bite-size talks covering a range of topics and recent policy and legislation changes. Delegates are able to network with other professionals, and a range of experts will be on hand to answer questions. Exhibitions from local specialist companies will cover aspects of property management and support organisations to help smooth the tenancy pathway.

Next Landlord Forum - Wednesday 15th May, 2024

Venue and programme TBC

  • 2024 Autumn Landlord Forum - Wednesday 6 November, 2024
  • 2025 Spring Landlord Forum  - Wednesday 14 May, 2025

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