Landlord Forum and Steering Group

Landlord Forum

The Landlord Forum is an event which brings landlords, letting agents and the Council together to share to receive free training seminars on legal requirements, local issues and challenges for the private rental sector.

 It is a time of rapid change in the PRS, with new legislation put in place during 2016, 2016 & 2017 relating to key parts of the letting business. Attending the Landlord Forum and speaking to the Private Sector Housing Team will assist you to keep your practical knowledge up to date.

Warwick and Stratford District Councils work together to produce the Landlord Steering Group and Landlord Forums to offer great networking opportunities.

Interested landlords can email with a request to add your details to the distribution list, they will be notified of any local events and receive the free landlord newsletter.

Steering Group 

The Landlord Steering Group (LSG) is chaired by an experienced private landlord. Members include Council representatives, local landlords, letting agents, the National Landlords Association and university accommodation providers. Members of the LSG are consulted on changes to policy, organise the Landlord Forum and contribute as a group to Government consultations.

Steering Group Members List

If you are a local private landlord and are interested in becoming a steering group member then contact . Your details will be passed to the LSG Chair for an informal chat.

There are established terms of reference.