Landlord Forum and Steering Group

Landlord Forum - Spring 2023

The Landlord Forum is an event which brings landlords, letting agents and the Council together to share to receive free training seminars on legal requirements, local issues and challenges for the private rental sector. Attending the Landlord Forum and speaking to the Private Sector Housing Team will assist you to keep your practical knowledge up to date. Warwick and Stratford District Councils work together to produce the Landlord Steering Group and Landlord Forums to offer great networking opportunities.

Date and venue tbc

Steering Group 

The Landlord Steering Group (LSG) is chaired by an experienced private landlord. Members include Council representatives, local landlords, letting agents, the National Landlords Association and university accommodation providers. Members of the LSG are consulted on changes to policy, organise the Landlord Forum and contribute as a group to Government consultations.

Steering Group Dates

  • Wednesday 25th January 2023 2.30pm to 4.30pm (AGM & LSG)

Joining the Landlord Steering Group

The group is always looking for new members, if you are a local private landlord and are interested in becoming a steering group member then please fill out the application form and send to Balwant Rai, Landlord Liaison Officer, Email :

Landlord Steering Group members

  • CHAIR: Richard Woodcock, Private Landlord
  • VICE-CHAIR: Richard Thomas, Private Landlord
  • SECRETARY: Balwant Rai, Landlord Liaison Officer, Warwick District Council
  • Anthony Kempster, Letting Agent & Private Landlord
  • Carol Duckfield, Private Landlord
  • Don Robbie, National Residential Landlords Association Representative and Private Landlord
  • Grant Thoday, Letting Agent
  • Dr. Gurmit Singh, Private Landlord
  • John Warburton, Letting Agent
  • Paul Hughes, Private Sector Housing Manager, Warwick District Council
  • Paul Chapman, Private Sector Housing Manager, Stratford District Council
  • Runjit Bhopal, Private Landlord
  • Sarah Churchill, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Warwick District Council
  • Shera Payne, Student Lettings Manager, Warwick Accommodation
  • Sue Warburton, Letting Agent
  • Terry Samuel, Private Landlord

The Landlord Steering Group Terms of Reference 

Terms of Reference

Minutes of former meetings