Unauthorised encampment reports

Newbold Comyn - The Police were able to use their powers in this instance due to sporting events planned at the weekend. This site is now vacant.

To report unauthorised encampments we are not aware of call us on 01926 456 358 or email privatesectorhousing@warwickdc.gov.uk. Unauthorised encampments also include individuals camping without permission.

Who is responsible for possession proceedings

Our Private Sector Housing team are only responsible for initiating possession proceedings where unauthorised encampments are on Warwick District Council land.

Where the encampment is not on Warwick District Council land, it is the responsibility of the landowner to initiate possession proceedings. If travellers are stationed on the public highway, Warwickshire County Council will be responsible for obtaining possession. You can contact them on 01926 418033 or check reports of encampments on other land on their website.

Process for gaining possession of land 

Warwick District Council, like other landlords must follow a legal process to regain possession of our land:

  1. Notice to leave is issued requiring land is vacated immediately or by a specified time,this is usually on the same day we become aware of the unauthorised encampment.
  2. We re-visit the site after the notice to leave has expired. If the land has not been vacated we are required to obtain a possession order from the Court.
  3. Court papers are then prepared and our Solicitors obtain the next available court date for a hearing.  
  4. Once the court order has been obtained it is served upon the individuals occupying the land, giving a final opportunity to leave.
  5. If the site is not vacated at this point court appointed bailiffs are requested to enforce eviction.

Private Sector Housing cannot request a specific date from the court, we can only obtain the next available vacancy. If an encampment is not voluntarily vacated we cannot move the individuals on without a Court order.

The Police also have limited powers to clear unauthorised encampments, but only where there is a group of  6 or more vehicles and they are causing severe anti-social behaviour or criminal damage. The Police cannot use these powers unless the unauthorised encampment meets strict legal criteria.

Should any member of the public witness anti-social behaviour or crime, this should be reported to the Police. If the incident is not an emergency it can be reported on the non-emergency number 101.

Authorised sites

There are currently no authorised sites within the district where Gypsies and Travellers can legally stay. Warwick District Council will have regard to its policy on unauthorised encampments, see below.

Warwickshire Authorities joint working protocol

This is intended to provide a co-ordinated approach to unauthorised encampments in Warwickshire, and Warwick District Council have signed up to this protocol. 

The Warwickshire Protocol for Unauthorised Encampments (568KB).

Population and migration

For population data including ethnicity, religion, employment and housing visit the county council website which provides more detailed census data.